Follow-Up links the final stages to the production stage. It’s designed to follow through to make sure all delivery dates are respected and products meet all defined quality standards.
During this process you will come to understand our concept of quality:
it includes the approval of all materials chosen, after verifying suitability for manufacturing to the stated quality objectives; the quality control of all materials and accessories; the preparation of the model, the fitting, prints and any other embellishments; a second quality control of all the materials before sewing; verification of all components of the packaging system (such as coding, anti-tampering, care label etc.); and a final further laboratory verification of the quality parameters of the first phase of packing and shipment.
Production logistics are a rapidly changing and ever evolving process: in the search for a fair price (we call it Normal Price©) we look at sourcing in new markets but also at the potential risks of sourcing in politically turbulent countries. We deal with all this via highly trusted associates, so that we can deliver the absolute best deal possible.
In addition, we constantly strive to introduce and enforce the highest manufacturing standards possible, wherever our sources, by following strict production protocols according to precise production schedules.